The Eleventh Doctor
Eleventh regeneration Doctor from BBC's Doctor Who.

Played by Matt Smith.

Nearly two thousand years old.
Bitter. Retired & Alone.

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Canon with a little AU.
After Rose, after River Song and after the Ponds.

Will roleplay with anyone, mutli-verse supporter and shipper of all.
Mun is a mature adult, with the writing skills of Shakespeare himself, though admittedly; Shakespeare never wrote things that made me blush so much.
We support all sorts of relationships; Gay, Lesbian, Universal, Hycroniamsm, Pots and... Stuff. I once met a man that married his pillow, they had a pretty good relationship....



Rose tilted her head up to keep the pressure of the Doctor’s lips on hers but she moved too slowly. He had her wrapped up into his arms and she nodded her head, “I promise,” she assured him. “But you must promise me, that.. you’ll say it once in a while. Just as a reminder,” she said. “‘m not sayin’ like those cheesey movies where they don’t hang up the phone because they’re having a little couples battle kinda thing, just.. once in a while,” she clarified.

The Doctor wasn’t used to even thinkingit, he wasn’t sure if Rose was aware of this, he’d never even said that he’d loved River and she had been his wife. His old, sad eyes dragged over her beautiful face and he finally nodded. “I think I can do that,” he told her with a wonky smile, pulling her close again, wrapping his arms tightly around her, resting his chin on the top of her head.

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“Hey there, I’m Nathan.”

"Hullo, Nathan, I’m the Doctor…" the Doctor said as he glanced up and smiled slightly at the newcomer, glancing to the side to make sure his TARDIS is locked up, the Time Lord perched beside it in a lawn chair.

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*raises an eyebrow, amused* You’ve regenerated I see. I don’t like it.

"And why is that not surprising? You always were a bit too negative. Nice tie," the Doctor replied, not looking at all annoyed, in fact he was ratherpleased to see the Master alive and well.


The Captain was floored by how the Doctor so expertly sucked him off. He was basically as skilled as Jack was, especially in the lack of a gag reflex, even though the Captain held several intergalactic awards in the skill. Allowing himself to let go, he bucked up quicker, more erratically into the Doctor’s mouth, moaning on every breath now. Jack placed a hand over the Doctor’s, then laced their fingers together, feeling like that made everything that much more personal. 

It wasn’t long before Jack started to feel that tell tale tightening in his gut. Even though his ‘talent’ allowed him to recover quickly, Jack wanted this to last as long as it could. “Doc…. Doc I’m too close…” he murmured, keening in his throat as he gently pushed the time lord off his length by his shoulders. 

Flushed in the face and feeling rather proud of himself, the Doctor allowed Jack top push him off and he stared up at Jack for a moment, pink tongue coming out to swipe at his lips, tasting the other man there and rather enjoying the taste. He’d been surprised that it hadn’t taken long at all, to get Jack to that point, he didn’t realize that he’d been doingthatgood, especially since he’d never really done it before. He supposed some things just came naturally to him.

Shifting uncomfortably, the hard metal digging into his boney knees as he moved closer to the other man, resting a hand on Jack’s chest and hovering over him with a slightly embarrassed, boyish smile. "That wasn’t so bad," he told him, arching his brow and smoothing his hand down and looking a little put out for a moment.

"Now what?" he asked pointedly, figuring Jack had more experience than him at all this, and he had no worries with asking what to do. It’d be different if it was him asking how to save the world, he’d hope Jack would come to him.

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“The aim of science is to seek the simplest explanation of complex facts. We are apt to fall into the error of thinking that the facts are simple because simplicity is the goal of our quest. The guiding motto in the life of every natural philosopher should be “Seek simplicity and distrust it”.”